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The Maple Education Foundation Student Scholarship, for Maple Heights City School district seniors who will graduate at the end of the current school year.

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For Maple Heights City School district personnel to develop instructional opportunities consistent with our mission and values.

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Improving the lives and education of our Maple Heights students

At the Maple Education Foundation, we believe that our children are the future, and need all that we can provide in the present as they mature into the future leaders of the world. Our aim is to encourage academic excellence and to spread awareness of the importance of education. The Maple Education Foundation provides financial resources for a number of programs and initiatives to support the Maple Heights School District and their mission. By providing grants to teachers to help improve learning environments, as well as providing post-secondary student scholarships for our graduates, we seek to enrich the lives of these young academics and propel them into a world of success. With the tools that we can easily provide them, there is nothing our children can’t accomplish!

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