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“Maple Schools Today” was produced, filmed, and broadcast by the Maple Heights High School broadcast journalism students from 1983 to 2002. Four episodes covering the highlights of the entire school year, as well as school and community events, would air on cable TV annually.  These students were led by George Belden, who was their director, and it is through his kindness and compassion for his students that the Maple Education Foundation gained access to these landmark shows. 

Below is a list of the years available of “Maple Schools Today” for your enjoyment. Each DVD covers one of the 19 years that “Maple Schools Today” was produced and broadcast.  These DVDs will be provided as a gift to donors who contribute to the Maple Education Foundation’s general fund via this fundraising initiative.  Through the general fund, the Maple Education Foundation awards student scholarships and grants for educational programs and initiatives. 

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